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The World’s End (2013)

Reviewed on 2013 October 8

This is the finale of the Cornetto trilogy, a little sadder and more thoughtful than its predecessors, not to mention darker. It’s also more ambitious, and still a funny movie despite its tone.

The movie starts with a group of five friends, pouring out of school and acting like they owned the world. The school year is over; so for one night, they feel like they do own the world. They attempt an epic pub crawl, trying to hit the twelve watering holes in their small town in one night. Of course the night ends in failure, with four of the crew crawling away with their horrible hangovers ready to start a more staid life.

The fifth, Gary King (Simon Pegg), is not. One of the popular kids in high school (or the British equivalent of it), Gary’s life stalls after that evening, as he sadly relates that was the high point in his life. Not knowing what else to do with his sad life, Gary tries to recreate his happiest moment. He slowly wheedles his crew into joining him for an attempt to re-create the crawl. His friends have mortgages, spouses, children, and successful if dull careers. Gary has a Sisters of Mercy t-shirt and little left to lose. He cons them all into it, even the most staid friend, Andy (Nick Frost). The other four realize you can’t return to your childhood. What none of them know is that their town changed in ways they couldn’t imagine.

Sounds dry on paper, doesn’t it? It’s not. It pokes fun at pretty much everything, and what’s really impressive is that it does it without being condescending or dull. It’s not an easy movie to categorize, but I saw it with Mr. Shukti on a Friday night and it worked as a date movie and a comedy, and great conversation fodder as well. Not only does it show you can’t go home again, it makes you wonder why you’d want to.

Three chocolate morsels and, of course, a pint.


morsel morsel morsel

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