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Wicked Little Things (2006)

Reviewed on 2006 August 9

This was another entry in the Horrorfest 8 Films to Die For spookfest. Was it scary? No, but it was entertaining, well-acted, and had a plot. And… I don’t recall any characters doing anything really dumb! For a horror movie, that’s huge.

Karen Tunny (Lori Heuring) is a widow with two daughters, Sarah (Scout Taylor-Compton) and Emma (Chloe Moretz). She’s heading to a remote wooded area of Pennsylvania to claim the sole thing her husband was able to leave them — the old Tunny home. It’s huge, but it makes the Bates home in Psycho look cushy; and her daughters hate it, especially Sarah. Since it’s all they have left after the husband’s medical bills hit them hard, they have to make the best of it. Their living neighbors are weird enough, but their property is near the site of a horrible mining disaster from 1913. Lots of small, poor children were trapped in the mine, and they’re still angry…

Don’t get me wrong, there were clichés galore in this thing. We have a creepy house and squirrely locals warning them away from the area. You could often guess who was going to get it. The how was interesting here. I rail about the explore-‌the-‌strange-‌noise-‌alone-‌and-‌in-‌your-‌nightgown-‌so-‌the-‌ghoul-‌can-‌eat-‌you stuff because that’s so weak, and you don’t get that here. Also, the main characters were likable. For ninety-four minutes I enjoyed myself, and that gives me hope for the horror genre.

Two chocolate morsels. Definitely enjoyable, and definitely worth a look.


morsel morsel

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