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Weather Girl (2009)

Reviewed on 2009 October 5

By-the-numbers but still entertaining chick flick about a woman’s on-air meltdown, and the aftermath.

Sylvia (Tricia O’Kelley) is miserable: she’s 35, and so far she’s a Seattle weather girl on a vapid AM radio talk show. Since she thinks the weather there, in her own words, sucks, that’s hard enough, but she’s about to have the worst morning of her life. She also learned her smarmy boyfriend and fellow on-air suit Dale (Mark Harmon, doing an amusing bit here as one of those creepy Old Navy mannequins come to life) is having a fling with a loathsome, smug, squeaky-voiced Peroxi-Bot named Sherry (Kaitlin Olson). Sherry looks and, while on air, acts like the sort of girl that would have to clear a path amongst the Care Bears littering her bed to fit Dale in there, but apparently that didn’t stop him.

In a tasty but ill-advised bit of revenge Sylvia rips into him on air, making her a viral favorite but now virtually guaranteeing that everyone knows her, many cheer for her, and nobody in the industry will hire her. Behold, the power of YouTube! In despair she moves in with her little brother Walt (Ryan Devlin), and deals with his friend Byron (Patrick J. Adams) constantly dropping over as well as a narrow job market and friends who happily remind her that neither her career or love life are going anywhere.

You can pretty much see where this thing is going, especially as we move further into the story, but the scenery is still enjoyable, and while the Sylvia character is initially pretty abrasive, we understand why she’s so stressed-out. You can see how upset she is at having a life that’s seeming to crumble around her. I still feel like it’s a woman’s movie, but it’s surprisingly unfluffy.

Two chocolate morsels and a Seattle coffee.


morsel morsel

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