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Reincarnation (Rinne) (2005)

Reviewed on 2007 August 14

This Japanese entry in the 8 Films to Die For is a little hard to follow, and one late scene in a town is actually silly, but the twists make it worth it. Takashi Shimuzu brought us The Grudge, and this is a gorier tale of revenge and anger.

Many years ago a terrible murder spree happened in the Ono Kanko Hotel, and a film maker wants to make a documentary out of it. He chooses the doe-eyed Nagisa Sagiura (Yuka) to play a little girl who was slain in the massacre. Nagisa starts seeing visions of the little girl, doll in tow, and starts to wonder if she’s losing it. So does everyone else in the cast.

I have to admit that the beginning is weak, and almost put me off watching it. It’s a long ride to get there, with some spotty acting, but the revelation and the end are brilliant. And how creepy is that doll? It’s worse than Chucky! Who would buy that thing for their kid? The other thing that impressed me was how even though some of the scenes were dark, you could still see what was going on. I wish Shimuzu would really decide to play dirty and scare the crap out of his audience. I bet he could.

Two chocolate morsels. It wasn’t scary at all to me, but it was clever, and it’s got one of the creepiest props I’ve ever seen in a movie.


morsel morsel

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