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The Fugitive (1993)

Reviewed on 2009 June 19

This is one of the instances where Hollywood re-imagined or re-made (you pick) something. In this case it was a cult TV show, and they got it right. They covered all the bases with a clever script and a cast that — I’m not exaggerating — got a reverent “ooooooooooh” from the theater audience when I initially saw the previews back in the day. Catching it on TV the other night was almost as good as seeing it the first time.

Dr. Richard Kimball (Harrison Ford) is a victim twice over: not only is his beautiful wife Helen (Sela Ward) brutally murdered, but Chicago’s Finest are sure Richard did it. They ignore his story of a one-armed man being in his house. Richard flees, determined to both avoid the cops and find Helen’s killer, but he’s not going to get a moment of peace. A determined U.S. Marshall, Samuel Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones), goes after RIchard like a pit bull.

There were no real flaws in this thing, all 128 minutes of it. No weak acting, no plot holes that jumped out at me, nothing. Tommy Lee Jones nailed a Best Supporting Actor Oscar® for his work, and we also get to see (too briefly) the always good Jeroen Krabbe as Kimball’s friend Dr. Charles Nichols. I think it says a lot about the film that after you’ve seen it the first time and still know everything that’s coming, you can still enjoy it.

Four chocolate morsels.


morsel morsel morsel morsel

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