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Zombie (1979)

Reviewed on 2011 February 1

I saw a commercial for this thing as a small child and even though every other horror flick may have frightened me, even then I remember thinking the growled “We are going to eat you!” tagline was hilarious. When I finally got a chance to watch this I had to. Except for that Puke-tonium enhanced spike scene, it’s too silly to be really disgusting.

A mysterious boat drifts into New York Harbor, and when the authorities come to investigate, they think it’s abandoned until some‌ thing lurches out and starts pigging out on one of the guys like he’s a plate of wings. The boat belonged to a famous scientist, and his daughter, Anne Bowles (Tisa Farrow and yes, she’s Mia’s sister), is determined to find out why her father is missing. She journeys to the tropical island of Matua, where something is turning the inhabitants into shambling, flesh-eating creatures that chase their prey very slowly.

My husband describes movies like this as a “good bad movie”. I guess this meets the criteria: buckets o’ gore, stilted dialogue delivered in either a Sweet Polly Purebred voice or in the style of the William! Shatner! School! of ACTING!, and wacky ’70s and faux island music. Add the ancient self-defense move of standing rooted in place and screaming and pointing at the Bad Thing, and you’ve got the complete package. I’ll give Fulci credit for one thing: those were the ugliest freaking zombies I’d ever seen. If you’re an X-Files nerd, you’ll appreciate how some of them almost had a Fluke Man thing going on.

One chocolate morsel.



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