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You, Me and Dupree (2006)

Reviewed on 2007 June 15

If film were food, this would be a cheese pizza: nothing flashy, but nice and basic, and nothing anybody in a picky group could really object to on a Friday night.

Everyone has a Dupree (Owen Wilson) in their lives — that one friend from college or the old neighborhood that can make a shot you have to defy gravity to drink correctly and can breathe new life into a dying party, but can’t get their lives together. Unfortunately for Carl (Matt Dillon), his Dupree comes back into his tidy new adult life right after his wedding to Molly Thompson (Kate Hudson). Molly is not only the love of his life, she’s the daughter of his hardcase employer, Mr. Thompson (Michael Douglas).

Carl has an amazing amount of stress trying to impress his father-in-law and keep his new bride happy, and the last thing he needs is a goofy houseguest who thinks pants are optional. Dupree can be charming, and Carl does feel some misguided guilt for his circumstances, so he takes over their downstairs. Molly is upset, his father-in-law is making work unbearable, and Dupree is… well, Dupree, so it’s a matter of time before Carl loses it. Big time.

I wanted to see more of Michael Douglas acting like a bear protecting his cub, but he was still good as the boss and father-in-law I think every guy has nightmares about. The other thing that impressed me was that the comedy was (for the most part) screwy without being too ridiculous. Owen Wilson is one of the few people that can play Dupree with such charm that you understand why Carl doesn’t just strangle him. I still would’ve liked more backstory on how Carl and Dupree became buds, since they’re so different, And just for a change — just once — I’d like to see a movie where a spouse comes home early to a party in their house, and instead of freaking out, calmly says, “Those nachos look great. You got any left?”

Two chocolate morsels. There are no real surprises here but it’s an entertaining two hours.


morsel morsel

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