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Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies (1999)

Reviewed on 2010 July 30

Perhaps evil doesn’t die, but the franchise starts to here. In this sequel, a pair of art thieves with more taste than brains unwittingly free our Djinn (Andrew Divoff), and this time he’s wearing a snappy black turtleneck instead of a fine suit, but he’s as mean and blue-eyed as ever.

Here the imp finds himself in jail after a bungled theft that goes horribly right for him, thrown in amongst his own element, i.e. a group of prison thugs that make the extra-Y chromosome yobs from Alien 3. look as polished as the Queer Eye dudes. He has a field day granting wishes and snatching souls from the over-testoroned, under-brained criminals. The Djinn has a plan and for the time being his new quarters suit him just fine. Meanwhile the grungy “heroine” Morgana (Holly Fields) knows what really happened the night of the failed art heist, and is struggling to stop the Wishmaster before he claims her too.

Besides one early disgusting bit, the special effects in this are more amusing than horrifying. I love how the Djinn comes forth from what looks like an atomic hairball, and it really doesn’t accomplish anything the first Wishmaster didn’t. Well, apart from something we’d all like to see happen to scummy lawyers. The first one had some amusing bits, this one wasn’t serious enough. Still, Andrew Divoff is always a good time. Now, can someone have some fun playing against type and make him the good guy in a horror flick?

One chocolate morsel and a shot of vodka. Worth catching free on cable, or as I did, a gimme track on the DVD with the first Wishmaster.



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