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Wild Hogs (2007)

Reviewed on 2007 March 23

This movie is predictable in many places, but it’s still enjoyable and parts of it are very funny. The camaraderie between the four leads doesn’t hurt a bit either.

Four men grudgingly gave up their wild youth (real or imagined) and settled into suburbia, but are still weekend warriors on their choppers, forming their own little gang they call “Wild Hogs”. Doug Madsen (Tim Allen) is a dentist, Dudley Frank (William H. Macy) is a computer geek, and Bobby Davis (Martin Lawrence) is an aspiring writer. It’s a little unclear exactly what Woody Stevens (John Travolta) does for a living, but he’s a good addition to the mix and looks good in his leathers, so there.

The men have one thing in common: they want to do something crazy before they’re too old. They decide to go on a roadtrip on their choppers. What sounds like a fun idea at twenty is harder to pull off as a forty- or fifty-something. Lots of obstacles are hit… many times literally.

It’s not Shakespeare but anything that can make a Martin Lawrence character likable is pretty effective. The guys really do seem like a bunch of old college frat buddies. There’s cliches all over the place, but some choice bits too. I think one of the best scenes is Doug freaking out at the dinner table — anybody who ever went on a diet for any reason can relate to that. Add a great soundtrack, and you’ve got an entertaining flick.

Three chocolate morsels. Stay for the end credits too.


morsel morsel morsel

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