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Unearthed (2007)

Reviewed on 2007 November 26

Just-shy-of-mediocre movie about a narsty critter that gets awakened by an archeologist and appears to be munching cattle and people. I guess crankiness when you wake up and a need for a varied diet is universal.

Sheriff Annie (Emmanuelle Vaugier) is an alcoholic gunslinger in a small desert town suffering from a shortage of gasoline and some mysterious cattle mutilations. The former problem ensures that a group of mismatched people are going to be stuck together fighting the monster. This could have a Hitchcock feel, but the character development is pretty scattershot so we really don’t get attached to anyone, except Annie. We have Hank (Charles Q. Murphy), who urgently has to be someplace else and chafes when other plans are made for him. We have Nodin (Tonantzin Carmelo), whose background in science may help them fight the creature. We even have two buds, Caya and Ally (Beau Garrett and Whitney Able), who are doing the Thelma and Louise thing when they wind up stranded with the others.

Nobody was really obnoxious though, I give Matthew Leutwyler a lot of credit for that. He could have made stereotypical horror movie idiots and instead we have people we might have cheered for, if they were more developed. The plot is a little murky too, but Nodin at one point seems to think the creature’s interest in us is more scientific than if we taste good with ketchup. (Could have fooled me; at some points it looked like the creature was prepping us for gyro filling.) At least the monster was enjoyably cheesy, in a Ray Harryhausen kind of way.

One chocolate morsel.



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