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Trick r Treat (2008)

Reviewed on 2009 November 9

Very imaginative Halloween flick, which makes up for in creativity what it lacks in scares. It’s no Shining or Halloween, but it’s entertaining and clever.

Halloween is a big deal in the small town of Warren Valley, Ohio, and the town’s inhabitants parade in the streets the way New Orleans revelers observe Mardi Gras. They love the holiday, but they also want to be sure to obey the rules of this night. In four non-linear stories that are woven together like a Celtic knot, we get the big lessons. A little glutton learns not to be greedy, a man learns to observe Halloween or else, a prank goes horribly right, and you see what happens to party crashers. Also, it’s dangerous to extinguish a jack-o-lantern before the night is over. I could tell you more, but I don’t want Sam to get me.

I may have a soft spot for this because its format reminds me of Creepshow, the first R-rated move I snuck into. My friend was rolling her eyes but I was admiring the way the stories were laced together. I was looking for something scarier, but I still enjoyed the jet-black humor for what it was, and was impressed with the minimal amounts of blood ’n’ guts used here as well as the acting. I don’t have time to make him this year, but I’m going to put this little guy on our front doorstep next Halloween and see how many people get the joke.


(If I get enough advertising dollars I’ll also get one of those giant Aliens and plop a chef hat on its head and candy serving bowl in its arms and take pictures for this website, but enough shameless hinting.)

Be sure and watch the credits: you’ll learn a little tidbit that adds some impact to the last scare.

Two chocolate morsels and a couple of those miniature candy bars. Just don't eat too many.


morsel morsel

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