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Tremors (1990)

Reviewed on 2009 April 16

Entertaining (and silly-in-a-good-way) mutant critter flick about giant slugs that like to burrow under the soil of Nevada to eat people.

Valentine McKee (Kevin Bacon) and Earl Bassett (Fred Ward) are two handymen, working in Perfection, Nevada and convinced if they can just get to the next town their prospects will broaden. After finally turning down an offer that includes cash and beer, they think they’re leaving town for good. They stop to help an old local they spot clinging to a telephone tower, and realize something has invaded Perfection. People are vanishing, and a seismologist (Finn Carter) reports strange activity in the area.

This is like the good gooey monster stuff from the ’50s, only with better special effects and lots of dry wit. For something with its tongue stuffed so hard in its cheek the acting was good too. The funniest parts involved Michael Gross (you know, the former-hippie softy from Family Ties) and Reba McEntire as a pair of survivalists with enough weapons to start their own army.

Two chocolate morsels and a Budweiser®.


morsel morsel

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