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Tooth & Nail (2007)

Reviewed on 2007 November 18

Goofy and entertaining entry, á la Mad Max, about surviving in a post-apocalyptic world. This entry follows Eliot’s maxim that it will all end with a whimper instead of a bang. The “fun” starts when we try starting over.

A group of survivors band together after the catastrophe, working together to stretch their various skills and the remaining horribly depleted resources into a sort of existence. While some of the group are out one day, they find a badly-beaten girl (Rachel Miner) being menaced by a thug (Vinnie Jones). They manage to chase him away and take the girl back to their stronghold, a hospital that still has some food and medicine.

The girl is Neon, and to their leader, Darwin’s (Robert Carradine) delight, she can fix their water purifier. The maternal Dakota (Nicole DuPort) is glad she’s there, the abrasive Viper (Michael Kelly) just sees her as another mouth to feed, and the others in the group don’t seem to care one way or the other, as long as she can pull her weight. It ain’t a resort, but it’s their home, and with the way things are on the outside it’s positively cushy. The group is threatened when others catch on to the existence of their little fort and decide they want in too, and they’re not going to share or play well with others.

This reminded me of the late-night stuff USA used to show on the weekends, only with much better acting and more atmospheric. Mark Young wrote and directed, and yeah, to a degree I could see people doing this if things got that desperate. The overall acting was pretty good here, but I was really impressed with Miner. I will say I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing at one point, because all I could think of was the Snickers® commercial with the Viking yelling “feast!”

Two chocolate morsels.


morsel morsel

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