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Tangled (2010)

Reviewed on 2012 January 9

Disney and Dreamworks both enjoy fracturing the fairy tales we grew up with, and this time the Disney crew felt like having fun with the ancient Grimm’s tale of Rapunzel. The original story is a lot darker; this, not so much (though it got a PG rating instead of the usual G).

Rapunzel (voiced by Mandy Moore) is locked away in a tower by Mother Gothel (Donna Murphy), who constantly tells the fair-haired Rapunzel that it’s all for her own good, and how the outside world is cruel and dangerous, especially for a girl with Rapunzel’s mane. She has what looks to be fifty pounds of long, flowing, blond hair that does more than just look amazing (but I don’t want to ruin that little tidbit for you).

Rapunzel is obedient, lowering her famous hair only to let Mother Gothel in and out of the tower, but she’s depressed. She wants very much to see the outside world, and may get her chance when a thief, the not-so-dangerous Flynn Rider (Zacahry Levi), finds her little tower one fateful day.

The artwork and animation is the usual gorgeous stuff we expect, but the story is well-done too, and funnier than I expected. The facial expressions on the characters are priceless: I loved the exasperated look on Flynn during the “Dream” musical number. Even the credits are good: the opening credits show a bit of “Steamboat Willie”, the cartoon that launched Walt Disney’s career, and the artwork for the ending credits reminds me of Al Jaffee’s stuff.

Three chocolate morsels.


morsel morsel morsel

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