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Star Trek (2009)

Reviewed on 2009 May 15

I have to admit the trailers for this made me think it would be a contrived blockbuster, but Mr. Shukti the Trekkie wanted to see it, and I went along for the ride. And loved it. The movie’s plot provides us with the origins of the characters, but doesn’t really betray anything I remember from the original TV series. The spouse is more hard-core about this sort of thing than I am and he loved it too.

James Tiberius Kirk (Chris Pine) pretty much started life with too much confidence, and this prequel shows us why. He got the good looks from both his parents, plus his father George’s (Chris Hemsworth) skill at handling vehicles, which we see displayed nicely in an early scene in the movie when James is still a kid. James is noticed by Captain Christopher Pike (Bruce Greenwood), who feels James is wasting his potential in Iowa. He encourages him to enroll in Starfleet, and reminds him in the brief time George ran his ship he saved many lives, including that of James. Captain Pike challenges James to top that. Gauntlet thrown, James shows up the next day.

The plot is pretty detailed too, more slam-bang action than old school Trek episodes but enough thought and depth to make sure it’s more than just lots of explosions. The casting in this is phenomenal, with Zachary Quinto and Zoë Saldana even having similar bone structure to the original Spock and Uhura characters. J.J. Abrams obviously paid a lot of attention to the original series — and respected it.

Three chocolate morsels, and a glass of Romulan Ale.


morsel morsel morsel

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