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The Sorcerors Apprentice (2010)

Reviewed on 2011 January 30

Disney movie that reminded me of their bland and cloying stuff from the ’60s, despite having a bloated special effects budget, Alfred Molina, and what could have been an entertaining storyline. I Redbox®ed it with a friend and we’re glad we only paid a buck for the thing.

Balthazar Blake (Nicholas Cage) and his beloved Veronica (Monica Belucci), a pair of white magic sorcerers from the days of Merlin, realize their work is never going to end: their arch-rival Horvath (Molina) went to the dark side, allying himself with Morgana le Fay (Alice Krige). Balthazar realizes he needs a high-tension weapon to defeat Horvath: an apprentice destined to rise to greatness. After centuries of waiting, he finds it in Dave (Jay Baruchel), the type of nerdy genius who builds Tesla coils but probably has to think to dress himself in the morning. Dave’s not a bad sort but he can’t believe he’s the chosen one for this mission, and Balthazar has to convince him.

I know Cage has made some odd stuff lately, but I’ve seen Face-Off and Raising Arizona so I know what his A-game is. He wasn’t enough to keep this thing from being weak. Nor was Molina. I can understand how a good family film may be harder to create, but these people consistently do it with their Pixar division. I’ve not seen Baruchel in other films (make that yet. I watch a lot of stuff and I’m sure I will) but his characterization of Dave was just too pathetic. Given his background I think an angry, funny nerd would have been better than one who was so timid, but nobody asked me, I’m just the piano player. And the special effects were dazzling, but they kept repeating a lot of the same stuff until it lost its punch.

One chocolate morsel and a…ah, forget it. Just one chocolate morsel.



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