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Slither (2006)

Reviewed on 2006 October 30

I bought a DVD of Slither on impulse, not knowing anything about it except that slug-things were involved. It was money well-spent.

I hope James Gunn keeps doing more stuff like this because not many people can do horror and funny in one film. Not only does he pull it off with gusto, but for the most part we’re spared the cliche of people in horror movies doing stupid things. The festivities start in Wheelsy, a small town filled with people we all recognize — the fathead mayor, the rich man, etc. Wheelsy has a Deer Cheer festival, a small police force, and a problem with the aforementioned slug-things. Michael Rooker plays the wealthy Grant Grant (yes that is his name), married to a teacher named Starla (Elizabeth Banks). After a squabble with his wife Grant goes out for a few drinks and a walk in the woods, and the fun really begins.

Gunn made me sit on the end of my sofa and laugh out loud at the same time, and that’s more than most directors have done recently. The dialogue is funny, the effects are hilarious, and this movie is packed full of homages to other films and creative gruesome stuff. You get loogies from hell. You get giant spyrochetes. You get Slug-a-palooza. You get your money’s worth! Most of the characters are likable too. Oh, the mayor (Gregg Henry) is a jackass, but he’s so funny and obnoxious you can forgive him. Other than that about the worst things the people of Wheelsy can be accused of are big hair and crappy taste in music. I think that’s a nice touch. You can't generate much suspense if you hate the people so much you don’t care who gets eaten next.

I give Slither three chocolate morsels.


morsel morsel morsel

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