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Session 9 (2001)

Reviewed on 2012 November 14

Nice, creepy little slow-burner that’s one of the most subtle takes on psychosis (or worse) that I’ve seen.

A team of asbestos removal specialists take on what’s probably the biggest, baddest building in their career: an abandoned mental hospital. Not only is this one of the creepiest buildings aesthetically, it’s also laden with the dreaded fibers. Still, Gordon (Peter Mullan) says that his men can clean this behemoth in two weeks, to the chagrin of Phil (David Caruso). Phil thinks new-dad Gordon is pushing himself and the team too hard. Not helping matters is the friction between Phil and Hank (Josh Lucas).

Still, they have a job to do, and make a dent in the cleaning and removal of the asbestos, until one of the men finds an old series of taped interviews of a patient. Then the fun really begins.

This gets one morsel just for using the old Danvers State Hospital, one of the spookiest looking pieces of real estate I’ve ever seen. I liked the acting throughout the whole thing as well: intense without being too much. Did it frighten me? Not really, but it did make my skin crawl when I realized what was really going on (no, I won’t ruin it for you). It also held my attention in a genre awash with junk that sacrifices plot for more blood ’n’ guts.

Three chocolate morsels.



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