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RoboCop 2 (1990)

Reviewed on 2008 January 28

I wish Paul Verhoeven had directed this; since the first Robocop was his baby it might have been a good continuation of the story line.

Robocop/Murphy (Peter Weller) is still a one-man army in crime-plagued Detroit; the other cops, no matter how dedicated, just can’t compete with an almost indestructible cyborg. Crime has gotten worse because of a new drug called Nuke, being brewed in job lots by a criminal named Cain (Tom Noonan), and Cain is one of the better points of the movie. He’s smart, crazy, brutal, and a connoisseur of his own product. He also has a protege, an evil little kid named Hob (Gabriel Damon). Do a Google search on the name Hob. I think that was a brilliant name for the character because that is one soulless boy.

OCP decides to create more crime-fighting cyborgs to take Cain and his gang out, but the cyborgs all fail. The Old Man (Dan O’Herlihy, and yes he’s credited as such in both Robocops) demands to know why, and brings on Dr. Juliette Faxx (Belinda Bauer). Faxx got her moral compass from the same source as Hob, and assures the Old Man that she can build an effective Robocop II if he just gives her carte blanche. She neglects to tell him and the rest of the OCP brass that she’ll cut corners and use any means necessary to build her creation, and soon Cain’s gang is the least of Murphy’s worries.

A lot of critics had problems with this because they thought that Hob was just too evil. That was disturbing but I didn’t have a problem with that (mainly because if you’re a drug-dealing thug, I have a hard time feeling sympathy for you no matter what your age or what happens to you). My problem with the film is that it was just weak. I love satire but when your corporation starts making Weyland-Yutani look like a bunch of Nobel Peace Prize winners, you’ve laid it on too thick. The only thing that allowed this sequel to call itself a Robocop was the presence of Peter Weller, Nancy Allen and Daniel O’Herlihy. I’ve seen worse, a lot worse, but this should have been so much better.

One chocolate morsel, just because the monster Faxx created was so cool.



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