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Right at Your Door (2006)

Reviewed on 2009 September 5

Grim Sundance entry focusing on an ostensibly newly married couple, and how the husband copes when his wife is exposed to the unknown agent or agents in a dirty bomb payload.

A typical morning in L.A. begins for unemployed Brad (Rory Cochrane) and his coporate yuppie wife Lexi (Mary McCormack): he brings her coffee, she gets dressed up, and she heads for downtown while he putters in their seemingly new-to-them house (they appear to have some items to be unpacked). He soon hears a news bulletin about explosions in L.A. and panics when he can’t get ahold of his wife. When all else fails he decides that all he can do is follow the instructions of the authorities to stay put and seal up his house against a possible dirty bomb; but what happens when his wife, covered with ash and exposed to who-knows-what but otherwise physically unscathed, manages to stagger her way back home?

The beginning, with the mayhem and barking policemen and officials wearing so much hazmat gear their humanity is buried, is riveting. Once the scotch tape gets rolling, the film starts to lag, and I think part of the problem is this is too talky for the genre, and I feel like I didn’t connect with either of the characters well enough to put myself in their shoes. A little more backstory might have helped that: the actors were good but I just didn’t know enough about the characters to get pulled in. The parts that did work were the creepy scenes with the inscrutable racal-suited feds giving orders but no information. It’s worth a look just for that.

Two chocolate morsels and a bottle of water.


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