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Red (2010)

Reviewed on 2011 May 2

Blissfully empty-headed, fun action movie about an ex-spook who heads up some of the old gang when he realizes he’s going to be scrubbed.

Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) is a former black ops agent that just wants to live a quiet life in the ’burbs. To give you an idea of how low-key his existence is, the highlight of his day are his chats with Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker), a pension officer in another state. When a ludicrously armed commando team storms his house, Frank realizes two things: this attack on his life is part of something very big, and that his friend Sarah is likely in deep trouble as well, since these goons certainly listened to his phone conversations. Not only does he need to protect his friend, but his former black ops buddies are in danger too, plus he needs their help.

What this lacks in any shred of realism or plot coherence, it makes up for in style and plain funniness. There’s also some inspired randomness which works nicely here. Wanna see a ’60s-drug-test-blasted John Malkovich yell “I’m getting the pig!”? I thought the entire cast had a great time with this thing, neither taking it too seriously nor phoning it in. It’s entertaining, it’s loopy, and it’s not an ill-advised remake.

Three chocolate morsels. If nothing else, you get to see an evening-gowned Helen Mirren at a machine gun, blasting away.


morsel morsel morsel

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