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Rachel Getting Married (2008)

Reviewed on 2010 January 17

Lengthy, slow, but amazingly acted story of what happens when someone battling addictions comes home for a wedding and can’t turn off her “it’s all about meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” for one weekend. The story is slim, but the acting moves it along.

Kym (Anne Hathaway) is trouble almost from the first scene, puffing a cigarette and wearing a bob that looks like she sheared her hair with a garlic press. She’s waiting for her family to come get her from rehab to take her to her sister Rachel’s (Rosemarie DeWitt) wedding. Not only is Kym one giant nervous tic, she’s high-maintenance. On the ride home she declines her stepmother’s Diet Coke® and insists that her dad stop so she can get a fountain drink. Despite the tensions of the wedding, Kym will not be denied, apparently as addicted to drama and attention as she is controlled substances. It’s miserable for Rachel, who despite Kym’s babbling about making amends can’t understand why her sister won’t see the best way to do that is to just shut up, smile, and sip her seltzer water for a couple days. Even though as the film unfolds we get more insights as to what makes Kym not tick, I’m willing to bet most viewers can’t either. I know I sure had a hard time with it.

All of this means that as painful as it was to watch, Hathaway did a great job of discarding her Prada persona. I’ve been told I’m pretty patient; this movie proved to me that no, I’m not. Had Kym been my sister, I think I’d have stuck a sock in her mouth and locked her in the hall closet for the day. I felt that lousy for Rachel. Even though her wedding reception was more like a Flaming Lips concert than a typical ceremony, she was no bridezilla. All in the world the poor thing wanted was one day without Kym’s drama encroaching on it, and it didn’t look like she’d even get that. DeWitt was also wonderful. Even when she lost her patience with Kym, Rachel was still likable to me. Had they focused more on the drama and less on the wedding itself it would have been brilliant.

Two chocolate morsels and a slice of cake.


morsel morsel

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