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Plane Dead (2007)

Reviewed on 2007 July 22

[For reasons unfathomable, the producers have decided to change the name of this movie from Plane Dead to the much less succinct Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane. I think that Plane Dead is a much funnier title.]

What do you get when you have a plane full of zombies, buckets of Karo syrup, and a late-night transatlantic flight? VelveetaVision!

This is a gleefully stupid yarn about a flight from L.A. to Paris that, for whatever reason, has a cryogenically frozen doctor (Laura Cayouette) on board, secured in the hold by her husband Dr. Lucas Thorp (Dale Midkiff) and CIA spook Leo Bennett (Erick Avari). She’s infected with a virus from hell that turns people into flesh-eating zombies, complete with the ability to run fast and make noises like zoo animals. (As the plane gets more filled with the undead, it sounds like an early Black Sabbath recording. Not that that’s a bad thing, I’m just saying.)

One rampant zombie would be enough, but they’re all over the place here. We also have bitchy preppies and their surfer-dude boyfriends, various free-range stewardesses, and a hilarious con named Frank (Kevin J. O’Connor) handcuffed to a federal agent (Truman Burrows). Like Snakes on a Plane, this is ludicrous and makes no apology for it. The difference is that this thing has twice the creativity and many good one-liners, thanks to Sidney Iwanter and Mark Onspaugh’s script. Could any of the architectural stuff that happened to the plane occur in a million years? No, but it’s still funny.

Come to think of it, this could also explain some of the grouchy staff I once had on a flight home from Las Vegas.

Two chocolate morsels. And anything with a screw top and a side-car of Cheetos.


morsel morsel

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