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Pineapple Express (2008)

Reviewed on 2010 March 4

I’m going to preface this review by saying I generally don’t enjoy stoner humor. I point that out because otherwise it’s kind of like asking a vegetarian to review a steak house. Still, an open-minded one should be able to tell you if it’s at least a decent charhouse or not. Meh. I think Cheech & Chong are funnier, and I just thought this dragged a little until the end.

Dale Denton (Seth Rogan) has a slacker’s dream job. He’s a process server, which means he drives around, listening to oldies or talk radio, thinking of ingenious ways to give his “prey” their subpoenas, and smoking lots of dope. Unfortunately, life can’t be that easy for anyone for that long a period of time. On the way home from buying a bag of premium weed from his dealer Saul (James Franco), Dale witnesses a mob hit. Now Dale and Saul have to run for their lives.

There were a few bright spots in this: Saul and Dale firing up a bizarre spliff that makes the Camberwell Carrot look weak, the car chase scene, and the black and white opening sequence with Bill Hader. James Franco was great as Saul. Mostly I was just waiting for it to end, until the action kicked in in the last half hour.

Two chocolate morsels. It wasn’t my thing, the parts I laughed at didn’t redeem it for me, but if you like Apatow it might do it for you.


morsel morsel

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