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Its Alive (1974)

Reviewed on 2010 March 6

Inane polyester-era entry in the mercifully limited free-range killer baby genre, that left me feeling both somewhat queasy and wondering how the actors did their thing with a straight face.

Frank and Lenore Davis (John P. Ryan and Sharon Farrell) are a happily married couple with a cute son and another child about to make its entry into the world. To everyone’s horror, the baby is a hideous monster that kills people when it’s scared. Well, that and raid refrigerators for late-night snacks and make noises like my brother’s Siamese cat when their Golden Retriever tried to pick a fight with it. It’s also somehow smart enough to know to travel at night and keep hidden, leading the cops on an all-out man hunt for the little tyke.

Frank and Lenore are a very likable couple; that’s the saving grace of this thing. The acting is surprisingly decent. The problem is the dialogue and everything else is just weak. No, I don’t know what I’d write about a fanged baby either, but if you’re warped enough to think of a feral mutant kid you should be able to avoid clichés.

One chocolate morsel. I mean, it made me laugh, but then I felt like I needed a shower for even laughing at it.



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