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The Invasion (2007)

Reviewed on 2013 March 11

This might be the zillionth incarnation of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, so the thought of another tepid remake immediately made me hesitant about watching it. After a long week I tried it on for size, wanting an entertaining no-brainer while I unwound, and enjoyed it quite a bit, flaws and all.

Carol Bennell (Nicole Kidman) is a psychiatrist, divorced from her smug former husband (Jeremy Northam) and a wonderful custodial mother to their child Oliver (Jackson Bond). In between helping people and being an awesome mom, she still finds time to date the dashing Ben Driscoll (Daniel Craig) and impress his society friends at dinner parties. Apart from her ex-husband being kind of a thorn in her side and her busy schedule, life should settle into some kind of routine, no matter how frantic.

This, of course, is not to be. A space shuttle crashes during its return to Earth, and soon people start…changing. A long-time patient (Veronica Cartwright) with a tumultuous relationship with her own husband comes to her office one day, saying that he’s not the same man at all any more. People start acting strangely, in varying degrees of weird, and Carol and Ben both notice this. When she takes Oliver to see his father for his weekend and Ollie texts her that even dear old Dad is acting screwy, she Googles the phrase “my husband is not my husband” and is terrified by the scope of what is happening.

It’s not frightening, and both the original and the version from the ’70s are superior, but until the abrupt ending it’s about 90 minutes worth of Grade-A creeps. There was a lot of arguing about this on the Internet Movie Database, with people giving it harsh ratings because of what is honestly a silly and rushed-feeling finale. I’ll knock off a morsel for that, but it still didn’t prevent me from having fun with the thing. Some people disliked how the infection was spread. It was utterly disgusting and completely horrified me, which is a good thing when you’re in this genre.

Two chocolate morsels, and get your own coffee.


morsel morsel

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