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The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Reviewed on 2008 June 26

This is so much better than the bits of the Ang Lee Hulk movie I saw. This grabbed my attention from the beginning and held it for all 114 minutes.

Dr. Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) is still battling the effects of gamma radiation, hiding from the U.S. Army in Brazil and trying to learn to control his emotions. A greedier soul could ┬álearn to channel the rage by every once in a while reading a screed by Ann Coulter and then hiring themselves out as the ultimate mover when nature took its course. Banner is a good man. He wants his green side gone. He’s trying everything from the advice of an anonymous friend to some New Age techniques from a local martial artist, and so far nothing seems to be working. Not only is he fearful he’ll never be rid of his alter ego, he misses his soft-spoken girlfriend, Betty Ross (Liv Tyler). Worse, the Army locates him.

As always, Norton is very good. The story was tight too, but what struck me the most was how human Banner was, even when he transformed into the Hulk. The CGI was wonderful but in addition to just making our jaws drop they gave the Hulk some amazingly human expressions. On the simplest level it’s the fun of watching someone throw the ultimate temper tantrum. They even gracefully snuck in a couple of nods to the original TV show. More home runs like this and I may have to quit being apprehensive about seeing movies based on comics.

Four chocolate morsels. Hulk smash expectations!


morsel morsel morsel morsel

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