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I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (2007)

Reviewed on 2008 February 19

Very silly buddy flick about a guy who lives to regret it when he promises his friend he’ll do anything to help him out.

The aptly-named Larry Valentine (Kevin James) and his best friend Chuck Levine are both firefighters, and that’s about all they have in common (except being straight). Even here they differ: Larry is a heartbroken widower still mourning his beloved wife, while Chuck cheerfully calls himself “the town whore”. Chuck is thin and purports to be an epicurean; Larry’s idea of a balanced meal includes a hot dog salad. In the tradition of guys everywhere, they pick on each other about this, but still are best buds.

Larry is having a hard time getting insurance coverage because some weasel notes that in his grief at his wife’s passing, he neglected to transfer coverage to his children. If he wants them to be covered, he’ll have to remarry and then transfer the coverage. The thought of remarrying is anathema to Larry, but he decides he can remarry on paper only. He just needs someone to go along with this, and Chuck did say he’d always help him out. Larry thinks this will be a simple undertaking, but a determined fraud investigator (Steve Buscemi) is just the beginning of their problems.

There’s plenty wrong with this movie. It’s tasteless at times, often incredibly so. The women are often little more than idiots. The first wedding scene went on and on and freaking on — and some of the stereotypes are spread on with a trowel. And the minister? How does anybody get away with that? But when it works, it’s funny. Tolerance is always a good theme, and it was interesting to see stereotypes set up as straw men to make fun of bigots. Sandler was good but Kevin James is hilarious in his. Wait till you see the costume he wears to a gay-themed event.

Two chocolate morsels.


morsel morsel

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