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Hot Tub Time Machine (2010)

Reviewed on 2010 March 26

I’ll just get down to it: this is raunchy. Disgusting, in fact. Nothing politically correct about it. And I laughed myself sick at parts of it, even when I was kind of revolted.

Three adult friends from way back are disappointed with how their lives turned out, to put it mildly. Adam (John Cusack) is reeling from a bitter breakup while his friend Nick (Craig Robinson) seems to have a great marriage but is stuck in a crappy job (literally). But their lives are both cake compared to drunken, crazy Lou (Rob Corrdry), who needs his buds to cheer him up. They drag Adam’s basement-hermit nephew (Clark Duke) with, and wind up going to a party place from their youth, planning a long weekend and not expecting anything out of the ordinary until they decide to take a booze-fueled dip in a hot tub.

This is not for everyone. It’s kind of like someone took Back to the Future and set phasers to…well, gross-o-rama. It’s not for kids or someone who’d be easily offended, and to be honest I was kind of hesitant to see the thing. But I loved most of it — even the montage scenes were funny and unique — and when it almost went too far a couple of times it was so extreme it parodied itself, making fun of the MTV-era teen comedies even as it pays homage to them. It was generally as funny as it was skanky, and the casting and details were great. I laughed at the ’80s clothes and hair, and the token “bad guy” even looked like the snotty preppy kid we all really wanted to beat the crap out of.

Three chocolate morsels.


morsel morsel morsel

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