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The Green Mile (1999)

Reviewed on 2008 July 9

Flypaper movie based on the Stephen King novel that pulls you in even if you’ve seen it before. When I see that a station is going to be airing it and I need to be doing something else I make a point of not having that channel on, simply so I can accomplish something. When I want to do nothing except watch a movie, this one is excellent.

The story centers around Paul Edgecomb (Tom Hanks), a guard on the death row of a Louisiana penitentiary in 1935. The men call their row “The Green Mile” because as Edgecomb explains, it’s the color of faded limes. Life on The Mile isn’t joyous by any means but for a prison it’s predictable, until the arrival of John Coffey (Michael Clarke Duncan). Coffey towers over even the tallest man on the prison staff, but his frightening size doesn’t match his demeanor. Coffey is accused of the horrible murder of two little girls, but Edgecomb can’t envision him doing such a thing, because of how gentle he seems and other factors (which you need to watch or read the novel to learn. My lips are sealed.).

I’ve never seen Hanks do a bad job of acting and here he does his best stuff since Philadelphia, but I thought this was still Michael Clarke Duncan’s party. He became Coffey for this. Doug Hutchison was perfectly disgusting as Percy Wetmore. Director Frank Darabont made the three hours go by quickly, neither dragging nor rushing the characters and events.

Four chocolate morsels.


morsel morsel morsel morsel

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