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Goldfinger (1964)

Reviewed on 2010 August 23

The third Bond movie, leavened with a bit more humor than its predecessors and yet still light years away from the silliness of some of the (still good) Moore flicks. Personally, I think it has the most twisted (in a nerd-a-licious way) plot. What does it mean when a gold smuggler isn’t planning to smuggle anything and yet you know he’s up to something?

James Bond (Sean Connery) barely has time to enjoy one of his famous martinis when he’s dispatched to solve another problem. This time it’s a German jeweler, Auric Goldfinger (Gert Frobe), and 007 suspects him of smuggling. Though he looks less like a typical Bond villain and more like the sort of grouchy uncle that would yell at you for sitting in his favorite chair, Goldfinger is dangerous. He has a temper; a massive, blindly loyal assistant named Oddjob (Harold Sakata); and a plan that impresses even Bond with its brilliance.

This is one of my favorite Bond movies, for the plot and for another reason: Viewed through the lens of the mid-1960s, what girl wouldn’t want to be Pussy Galore? She ostensibly ran her own business, she had James Bond’s attention, and she looked like Honor Blackman. Add Sean Connery and Q’s (Desmond Llewelyn) gadgets, and what’s not to love?

Three chocolate morsels, and some decadent bon-bon with those bits of shaved gold. Preferably on a fine plate.


morsel morsel morsel

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