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Get Smart (2008)

Reviewed on 2008 November 30

Nice adaptation of the ’60s TV series, with a good mix of spy stuff and the original goofiness from Don Adams and company. I wasn’t too hopeful for the movie when it was released in theaters, but after seeing it on DVD I can tell you it wasn’t given a fair shake.

Maxwell Smart (Steve Carell) dreams of being a CONTROL agent, and puts himself through rigorous mental and physical training to make the grade. Seeing rock star agents like golden boy Agent 23 (Dwayne Johnson) just make him more determined, but he’s the best intelligence specialist they have, and The Chief (Alan Arkin) says he’s too valuable where he is.

One day a crisis hits, and The Chief decides that Smart needs to be made an agent after all. Some yellow cake goes AWOL, and it looks like KAOS is up to something big. The newly-minted Agent 86 is paired with the icy Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway), who chafes at being shackled to a rookie. The two need to learn to work together quickly to thwart a nuclear catastrophe.

This was more entertaining that I expected, with a solid performance from everyone, especially Carell and Hathaway. Hathaway was tougher than I remember the Agent 99 from the TV series, more Emma Peel than comedienne. Carell’s deadpan delivery of some truly screwy dialogue was perfect for this. I felt like the plot could have used a little more love, but since they introduced the characters in this film, maybe this franchise will pull a Spider-Man 2 and give us an even better storyline in the next ride.

Two chocolate morsels, and some day-glo colored cocktail.


morsel morsel

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