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The Full Monty (1997)

Reviewed on 2010 April 16

Excellent wry British comedy about a group of broke men who get fed with hunting non-existent jobs and decide to try something else to raise money.

Ater a relentlessly cheery tourism board film touting the “City of Steel” Sheffield as prosperity waiting to happen, the movie shifts abruptly to current, broke Sheffield. Gaz (Robert Carlyle) and his buddy Dave (Mark Addy) are reduced to trying to steal and resell material from abandoned buildings when they’re not making useless trips to the Job Centre. Worse, Gaz’s wife divorced him and apparently chose a middle management type of doofus with the personality of a hemorrhoid. Still, the doofus can provide for their son Nathan (William Snape). In fact the only other people in the whole town who appear to be doing all right are a group of male strippers in a rowdy club (and the club owners selling pints to the women cheering them on). Gaz may be broke but he’s pretty fearless, and reasons he can do this too. He’s not as conventionally pretty as these men (well, to the townspeople in the movie anyway; none of the guys in the movie are bad-looking) but he reasons he can put on just as good a show as those “poofs” do, if he gets enough men to actually do a dance routine.

I’ve seen a lot of British movies and this is a favorite, because of the whole stiff-upper-lip thing and the serious undercurrent woven nicely throughout a genuinely funny movie. I think Robert Carlyle and Tom Wilkinson owned it, but barely, because everyone else did a great job as well. And despite the subject matter it’s not just for women: it’s for anyone that wants to see a well-written story. The little details make it for me too. Did anyone else think one of the women in the first strip club sequence looked kind of like a British Snookie?

Three chocolate morsels and a Pimms cup. And does anyone else wish that there really was an anti-‌fat-‌bastard cream? morsel morsel morsel

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