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For Your Eyes Only (1981)

Reviewed on 2010 October 27

This time Bond (Sir Roger Moore) goes to Greece to track down some gangsters, and is joined by a woman who has a personal (read: “selfish”, but understandable here) interest in helping him.

After a private moment of mourning is rudely interrupted, 007 learns that his new mission is to retrieve the ATAC (Automatic Targeting and Attack Communicator), a Q-worthy item that is on-board the St. Georges, a spy ship that has accidentally sunk. The famed archeologist Havelock (Jack Hedley) was trying to find it for MI6, but he and his wife were brutally murdered, leaving behind an angry daughter (Carole Bouquet, who’s very pretty but her concept of grief is apparently staring into the camera the way my cat stares at me).

I think they had more fun making this Bond than some of the others. The late ’70s is strong in this one: there’s one early scene in San Martin that made me think of what Studio 54 would have been if Steve Rubell created a poolside resort instead of a disco. I’m not sure what to make of Lynn-Holly Johnson’s character, who’s apparently a cross between a dedicated athlete and Nelly Oleson. This is a far cry from the Goldfinger days but still much better than Moonraker. Bouquet and Moore did seem fond of each other, the plot is good, and as usual for a Bond adventure, the scenery is fabulous.

Two chocolate morsels and a little ouzo.


morsel morsel

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