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Finding Nemo (2003)

Reviewed on 2007 November 5

My only complaint about this movie is that the fish are so cute that now I almost feel guilty when I eat seafood. Almost.

Nemo (voiced by Alexander Gould) is a little clownfish with a underdeveloped fin and an overprotective dad (Albert Brooks). Daddy Marlin loves his son, but is afraid to let him be on his own. Marlin is horrified when Nemo gets lost, and risks his own life to find him. He leaves the safety of his anemone and eventually meets up with Dory (Ellen Degeneres), a well-meaning blue tang with short-term memory issues. The flaky Dory seems to be the only one who really wants to help the tense Marlin, and he accepts, though not very graciously.

The film moves back and forth between Marlin and Nemo, and it’s hard to tell who’s having the worst day. Nemo isn’t in the best situation either, though he’s landed with a sharper group of friends. The leader is Gill (Willem Dafoe), a tough, scarred Moorish Idol that wants to help everyone in his posse. Gill is a good guy — he’s willing to take risks but he sincerely wants to reunite Nemo with Marlin. The question is, how?

Again, Pixar gave us an excellent everyone movie. This is a great one for holidays when the younger kids are getting antsy, and yet the adults won’t feel like their pancreases are going to explode from too much sugar. What amazes me about Pixar is they can take something mundane like a group of fish, give them disparate human personalities, and have them fit. Jacques, the French shrimp with a compulsion to clean, was hilarious, but I think my favorite bit was the sequence with the surfer-dude turtles.

Three chocolate morsels and some saltwater taffy.


morsel morsel morsel

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