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Easy A (2010)

Reviewed on 2010 October 15

I wondered if the premise of this could work — a young woman getting tagged by the high school rumor mill and running with it instead of fighting it — until I remembered something that happened to me when I was all of thirteen. One day my curling iron left a small burn on my neck that strongly resembled something else. A friend was looking suspiciously at the thing and I acknowledged the elephant in the room, joking about the irony of it since I had no life and not expecting anything more from it, but the next thing I knew her mother was having a chat with mine. I wanted to see how they handled this and while I was initially impressed with the lead’s rumor-fu, and she had worse to live down, she didn’t fare any better than I did by ignoring mine.

Olive (Emma Stone) is pretty much ignored at her Ojai, California high school, neither popular or picked on; the "adolescent darned" as it were, until her friend Rhiannon (Aly Michalka) tries goading her into a weekend of camping with her hippie family. Rather than getting stuck doing drum circles and eating tofu scrambles, Olive invents a boyfriend for that weekend. Rhiannon badgers her for the gritty details of the date and to have fun with it as much as to just get her friend to shut up, virginal Olive spins a yarn about her wild fling with her guy, a college guy at that. Unfortunately it’s overheard by a hyper-religious reverse-cheerleader type (Amanda Bynes), who apparently never got the memo about not judging. By the time the rumor burns through the high school, Olive is painted as Queen of Slut Mountain. She decides to just work the grapevine rather than arguing with a bunch of idiots, but soon things get out of control.

Some of the characters were so cardboard they almost creaked, and I mean at both ends of the political and moral spectrum, plus Olive’s family was oh-so-hip that it seemed like they were related to Juno’s clan. But the dialogue was good and Emma Stone was wonderful. I also got a kick out Thomas Hayden Church as a English teacher and ad-hoc counselor.

Two chocolate morsels and a burger (not patchouli).


morsel morsel

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