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Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

Reviewed on 2010 September 8

Somewhat weak Bond movie, despite Sean Connery being reintroduced in the title role.

After cleaning up a Blofeld mess early in the film, Bond is sent to Amsterdam to infiltrate a diamond-smuggling operation. With the help of some Q toys he poses as a man named Peter Franks and falls in with a woman named Tiffany Case (Jill St. John), whose main contributions to the ring seem to be changing wigs and being annoying. Nonetheless, she knows how to bootleg FLs and VS1s out of the country, and thanks to her and various smugglers the ring encompasses multiple continents. Bond learns how deep this thing goes when he winds up in Las Vegas.

This 1971 entry in the franchise marks the slide into extreme camp, with dimmer Bond Girls (Plenty O’Toole? “Look at those low rates! Thanks, Eagle Man!”) and a couple of villains that remind me more of Beavis and Butthead than anything actually frightening. I also thought they watered it down with too much silly humor. Slumber Inc.? Bambi and Thumper?? If I had wanted Matt Helm, I’d have watched that. Still, it did revolve around diamonds — always a worthwhile subject — and for extreme horror geeks it’s still pretty cool to see a young Sid Haig out of his Firefly family clown makeup here and playing a laconic goon. It was also interesting to see some glimpses of a seedy Vegas between the Sinatra days and the shiny new Bellagio and MGM resorts. And, may I add, we still have… Sean Connery.

Two chocolate morsels and something in a ’70s rocks glass.


morsel morsel

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