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Day of the Dead (1985)

Reviewed on 2011 February 1

Nastiest and most Karo®-syrup laden of the initial Dead trilogy, with gore compensating for the brilliance of Night of the Living Dead and the satire of Dawn of the Dead.

Sarah (Lori Cardille) is a tough, battle-worn survivor of the zombie onslaught, and she teams up with other survivors, including some Army men, to find an answer to the contagion. They hole up in an underground missile silo when they’re not taking helicopter runs into various ghost towns, hoping to find more humans to add to their ranks and often coming back empty-handed even as more zombies show up against the compound’s fence each day. Due to the stress of being underground, being holed-up in a bunker, and the unsettling knowledge they are some of the last people on Earth if not the last, they start quarreling and making mistakes (and let’s face it, some of the soldiers are pigs). Sarah notices one of the team is really about to crack, but Rhodes (Joseph Pilato), the tinhorn despot of the bunker, is less than concerned. Meanwhile Logan (Richard Liberty) is a doctor who wants to try to make pets out of the things.

This is my least-favorite Romero flick, but hey, it’s still a zombie flick and it’s still a Romero thing. There were parts that were just too disgusting and there was one bit I found especially stomach-turning, and I don’t get sickened easily (oh, you’ll know it when you watch it). I felt like it relied more on the special effects than a strong storyline, and while the first two were pretty lurid they weren’t in the same league as this and had better plots. Don’t even have food in the same room with you when you watch it.

Two chocolate morsels and a shot, even though I feel kind of sheepish for even liking anything this gross. Loved the zombie in the marching band uniform.


morsel morsel

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