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Clash of the Titans (2010)

Reviewed on 2010 April 18

The summer movie season’s first special effects glut is pretty much what I expected: a big, gorgeous movie that doesn’t really have a thought in its pretty, empty, shiny head. That’s okay; I still got a kick out of it. Get yer popcorn, it’s showtime!

Apparently the Greek gods have been too lenient with the mortals of the ancient Grecian world, because they’re starting to shun the Olympians and elevate themselves. This particularly irks Hades (an unrecognizable and very entertaining Ralph Fiennes), who feels his brother Zeus (Liam Neeson) is too indulgent with them. Perhaps looking like a glittery, pretty backup for Ziggy Stardust made Zeus see his softer side, even though Zeus still looked perfectly capable of smiting you and leaving a cloud of sparkles. Whatever the cause, the humans aren’t enchanted with the gods any more. This leads to an epic brawl, which catches Perseus (Sam Worthington) in the middle of things.

The writing and story were a little shaky and a lot of what was weak was spackled over with CGI. This thing strayed from Greek mythology, and to me Mount Olympus was so glammed up it looked like Studio 54. It’s enjoyable for what it is though, with Liam Neeson being good as Zeus, and easy to look at despite my jokes. I enjoyed the introduction of Mouloud Achour and Ashraf Barhoum as a Mediterranean Cheech and Chong. And yes, you get to hear Zeus scream “RELEASE THE KRAKEN!”

Two chocolate morsels and some baklava.


morsel morsel

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