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Childs Play (1988)

Reviewed on 2011 January 21

Horror yarn (that’s sometimes wickedly funny) about everyone’s favorite toy from hell come to life, featuring the always freaky Brad Dourif as a serial killer who will do anything to avoid life in the clink.

During a police shoot-out, murderer and general-waste-of-DNA Charles Lee Ray (Dourif) is cornered in a Loop toy store by a determined cop (Chris Sarandon). His choices are being shot, being put behind bars, or…letting the puny mortals of this earth have his body while he “borrows” a vessel for his putrid soul. He skips the Care Bears and Disney stuff (not that that couldn’t have been funnier) and goes straight for the ugliest toy I think I’ve ever seen: a Good Guy doll. In the mean time, Karen Barclay (Katherine Hicks), a woman juggling her career and raising a child, wants to get a special birthday present for her son, Andy (Alex Vincent). Guess what Andy wants more than anything in the world?

The plot would fall apart if you breathed on it too hard, but the effects are good, and disgusting as he is “Chucky” is often hilarious. His image on the main titles screen of DVD looks like a hyper kid about to throw a screaming fit because his candy is gone. Seriously, that is one ugly doll, and people who are weirded out about either dolls or clowns should get a nice case of the creeps from this. Horror movies are notorious for bad acting, but there’s none of that here. Alex Vincent does an amazing job, especially considering he’s acting opposite a Cabbage Patch reject. Chicago geeks will enjoy the shots of the Loop and the old Carson Pirie Scott on State Street.

Three chocolate morsels.


morsel morsel morsel

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