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The Blind Side (2009)

Reviewed on 2010 March 23

Sweet, slow, almost Disney-esque movie (think Remember the Titans ) based on the true story of Michael Oher, adopted by a wealthy family with hearts to match their fat bank accounts, and wound up as an All-American football player. The film itself lags a bit but the acting and story are wonderful.

Michael (Quinton Aaron, all 6′ 8″ of him) never seemed to get a break in his early life. He’s homeless and pretty much fends for himself, when he gets a chance to attend a posh Christian school in an affluent part of Memphis, Tennessee. This still leaves the question of where he’ll stay at night, and after a run of foster homes Michael decides either the gym or laundromat will do fine. Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra Bullock, getting a Best Actress Oscar), a rich, pushy but very kind interior designer, will have none of that. She sees Michael in the rain and insists that he come home with her family. They’re initially a little hesitant until they see that Michael is as sweet-natured as they are; in fact, despite his size and skill on the football field, Mike’s natural loathing of violence almost hinders him.

I thought Quinton Aaron did a great job as the strong (inwardly and out) Oher, not saying much and not quite getting why the Tuohys are making the fuss over him that nobody else did. Bullock was tough and funny as the indomitable Leigh Anne, and Jae Head was hilarious as S.J., Michael’s new scheming baby brother. Everyone else was just doing the best they could with stock characters and an offbeat mix of occasionally brilliant and at times truly goofy dialogue. Still, it’s a great story — great kid lucking into great family — and it’s also a good everyone movie. Easter is coming and the DVD wouldn’t be a bad thing to pop in the player after the baskets are sacked and Sunday dinner is eaten.

Two chocolate morsels and something served in Ole Miss barware.


morsel morsel

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