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Black Sheep (2006)

Reviewed on 2008 May 5

Seriously sick and wrong Karo syrup fest from New Zealand, about mutant killer sheep of all things, buoyed along by how gleefully stooooooopid it is and some great effects from the deves at Weta Studios.

Angus and Henry Oldfield (Peter Feeney and Nathan Meister) are brothers on a sheep farm in New Zealand. Henry is a good kid; Angus is a little freak that grows up to be a cold, ruthless plutocrat who’ll break any law of man or nature to breed the perfect sheep. Angus has a team of bloodless scientists working on creating his dream herd. All the genetic tinkering catches the notice of Experience and Grant (Danielle Mason and Oliver Driver), a pair of hippie idiots who decide to raid the farm, even though they’re an army of two. (I have nothing against hippies; just against hippie idiots.) Of course they screw things up royally, and unleash something that results in flocks of crazed killer sheep that munch down humans like they’re cocktail peanuts.

Parts of this are beyond gross, but writer and director Jonathan King did get me to laugh instead of throwing up in my mouth. Weresheep, anybody? And the scenes of of the otherwise cute, fuzzy sheep just standing there, staring at the next victim while a menacing chord plays, are truly hilarious. It dragged a little, and it threw taste out the window and then ran over it with a bus, but much of the time it still worked.

Two chocolate morsels and some mint sauce.


morsel morsel

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