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Zombie Movies!

2011 February 1

UN-Dead Heads, Rejoice!

un-dead bear


It’s snowing, and threatening to rival the Chicago blizzard of ’67.

The economy is a mess.

The situation in Egypt is heading towards critical mass and we’re heading closer to 2012.

Dogs and cats are living together…well, in my house they are anyway.

If the end of the world is nigh, might as well hunker down with a study guide. I’m watching and reviewing every zombie movie I can get my little mitts on. If you want, I can even try to stomach the Lucio Fulci crap. If there’s a title out there that I need to see, just let me know.


Team Orlok

For all of you old school vampire fans cringing at the next Twilight movie: a way to say how you really feel. Team Edward? Team Jacob? Why not pick one of the first and scariest teams?

No glitter. No pretense. Nothing fancy. GreenEyezTz.

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