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A Holiday Movie Guide I Hope You Find Useful (2009 Edition)

Hello, o my fellow divine movie beings!

There are many holiday film lists out there, mostly Ten Best and Ten Worst, that give a nutshell review of the movie. I even have a two-cent listing of some of my favorite holiday movies, but I feel I can do better. In fact, you deserve better. We have wine guidelines for food, and different dessert pairings on fine restaurant menus. Why not a Christmas movie need guide, where I pair a movie for your holiday? Here is a quick reference guide for you, and as always, let me know what I’ve missed!


Shukti Clause

“My whole family is coming over and I need something the kids will love but wont make the adults want to poke their eyes out with candy canes.”

“The kids took over the TV. Good. Now the big people can have some quiet time to talk and eat a rum ball or two in the kitchen.”

“Im done shopping, my husband is still at work and his company is springing for dinner, and I have a pint of Häagen-Dazs all to myself.”

“Im tired of the whole holiday thing already.”

“I want to clear the room.”

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