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Shuktis Favorite Christmas Movies

Mr. Shukti gave me this idea. He was watching a commercial for some overly sentimental holiday treaclefest and remarked, “Why does Christmas always have to be saved? Since when is it in danger?”

He’s got a good point. There’s some cloying stuff out there. Really stupid stuff. I’ve seen a lot of movies where the couple doesn’t have enough money — I mean, they’re in the ‘can-‌I-‌even-‌buy-‌groceries canto’ of financial hell but decide to be happy. They don’t have a resolution to their money problems and are still living hand-to-mouth, but it’s Christmas. (Before anyone calls me out on this, Mr. Shukti and I have survived some lean years not nearly as rough as what’s usually depicted in these things, and no, it’s not a happy time.) The only family who pulled this off were the Cratchets from A Christmas Carol — and yeah, well, Ebenezer gave Bob a raise, didn’t he?

I’m also going to include TV specials that air every year (or should).

I know there’s more out there. Show me some love, send me the name of your favorites and I’ll review them! This is one list I need to add to!


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