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Observation of the Week

2011 May 25

I was talking with one of my friends one day, and we got onto the topic of email, specifically, glurges. I don’t know who created these stupid things, but my friend noticed something I didn’t, probably because I’ve gone from rapidly skimming them to just deleting anything that smells glurgish before I even open it, or the email version of strangling them in their cribs. She noted that they all sound alike, written in the same tense and with the same kind of cutesy cut ’n’ paste illustrations. Some of the more venomous ones even promise you bad luck if you don’t forward them; you’ll lose your fortune if you just delete it or your boobs and butt will switch places in your sleep or some such.

Her observation prompted me to do some searching and apparently nobody else knows where the things come from either, though I tend to get a ton of them. Many of them are duplicates too. Seriously, does anyone like these “heartwarming” stories? One corker was about an eight-year-old dying of cancer, who wrote a brave note to his mom before he died. I got that thing three times from various relatives and still can’t figure out why anyone thinks a story of a child dying of cancer, no matter how brave the kid is, makes for inspirational reading. Now, if the kid recovered, we’d have something.

Anyway, do you guys hate these things too? And do you have any idea who cranks them out?


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