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Dumb Movie Conventions

2012 January 18

I try to be patient with lots of movies, but a lot of them suffer from weak writing. No genre is free from this but horror movies are a prime offender. The protagonist is usually menaced by something and in order to get eaten or butchered or whatever the Bad Thing does, has to trip and fall. Aggravating as it is when you shell out $10 and deserve better, I thought we could all laugh at them for free. I noted that men and women are depicted as equally dim in these things, but the types of buffoonery are completely different.

The women can be best described by what I call the

Lifetime Edition

Men don’t fare any better under the

FX or Sam Peckinpah Edition

And both sexes suffer equally under the

Wes Craven or Troma Edition

Update: 2012 January 24

Apparently I’ve left a few out. Long-time Boulder, Colorado reader Ed writes:

Well, let’s see:


The Animal Rescue Site
The Hunger Site
Khrysalis Art