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Castaway Pet Rescue

2012 September 30

Need a friend?

One may need you.

As you’ve probably figured if you’re a repeat visitor to my site, Mr. Shukti and I are fond of most things with four feet and wet noses. A friend and my sister-in-law and I all frequently try to out-awwww! each other with pictures of pets being pets. I was still impressed with the onslaught of cute that awaited us at a local pet adoption event.

The people at Castaway Pet Rescue clearly have the same love for creatures that we do, but take it even further, finding homes for dogs and cats that need owners. They’re also extreme “cute” gamesmen, doing things like taking an already adorable Beagle mix and slapping a tutu on her. I would have fallen in love with this little girl, a lovebug named JenJen, without the tutu, but that just did me in. She was smart as she was pretty, knowing I’m a huge sucker and running right up to me for me to snuggle her. Her foster dad — a big sweetheart of a guy named Richard who saved JenJen from a life of abuse — grinned.

“She really likes you!” he beamed.

And I adored her, but we are too strapped to add another pet to our little zoo. I felt awful but I told Rich I would do the one thing I could for Castaway Pet Rescue: I would tell everyone about how they save animals. Thanks to Castaway, JenJen ultimately went from an abused puppy used for target practice by some psychopath, to the cherished housepet she always should have been.

There are lots of JenJens out there. I know first-hand about the wretchedness of this economy, but if you can’t help, tell your friends. Maybe one of them can.

Besides, who wouldn’t want one of these?



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